South Sanpete from Manti Canyon. March 16, 2018. (GPS: 39°15'56" N 111°34'21" W).

South Sanpete Valley

RV Repairs

  • Roof (rubber, aluminum)
  • Awnings
  • Solar system
  • Appliances (repair, replace)
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing

RV Services

  • Winterization
  • Systems inspection
  • Prepurchase inspection

Trailer Repairs

  • Axles
  • Wheel bearing maintenance
  • Brakes
  • Lights and wiring
  • Suspension
  • Tongue jack and coupler
  • Hitch

Work Example — Aluminum Repair



See interview with RV owner Keith Bailey.

Team Certifications

Our technicians are required to pass two comprehensive certification tests in diagnostic and repair procedures.

Mike Wheeler RV Certification

Weston Wheeler RV Certification

Meet the Team

Peak RV Service is family owned and operated. As a team, the Wheelers have been servicing RVs and trailers for more than two decades.

Dave Wheeler

Dave has 35 years business management experience. In that role, he oversees the company's activities and supervises its employees. He also helps create the most efficient plans for business operations, and with Mike, is involved in developing new and better ways of servicing recreational vehicles. In addition to his leadership skills, Dave has strong marketing and advertising background.

It is noteworthy that Dave was a combat engineer in the Army National Guard, where he served his country for 15 years. He also served one tour of duty during Operation Desert Storm. Dave held the rank of staff sergeant when he left the military.

Mike Wheeler

Mike was the general manager of an agricultural sheep camp company, which led the industry under his direction. His mechanical design experience, combined with his experience as a certified RV Service Technician, makes him uniquely qualified to help Dave oversee operations at Peak RV Service.

Mike has 15 years experience using AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and other computer-aided design programs. He is also a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) programmer and a specialist in RV design and manufacturing. Mike is well versed in all aspects of the RV business.

Weston Wheeler

Weston has been working in the RV industry since 2009, with hands-on experience in construction, inspection, sales, marketing, and customer service. Specifically, he has nine years experience repairing and servicing RVs, which includes installing and repairing electrical, plumbing, and gas fixtures. He also has years of experience building RV interior cabinets.

Weston has personally constructed more than 200 trailers from the ground up and has done everything from welding the frame to adding the finishing details of the trim work.

Weston's training as a certified RV Service Technician, his years of experience building and repairing RVs and RV trailers, combined with his outstanding work ethic, make Peak RV Service the place to come for all your RV service needs.

Kyler Wheeler

Kyler has two years experiences in the manufacturing side of recreational vehicles and knows RVs inside and out. He also has two years experience repairing and servicing RVs, including the installation and repair of all electrical, plumbing, and gas fixtures.

Kyler specializes in the construction of RV trailers and has a great work ethic.

It is important to note that Kyler has completed his coursework to become a certified RV Service Technician. He is working toward finishing his formal training, which he will accomplish later this year (2018).

Make sure you look at our Satisfied Customer section. Quality of work, price, and timeliness are consistently mentioned.

We could tell you just about anything we want on this website. For example: "Peak RV Service is the best repair shop this side of the Mississippi" (it is, but that's beside the point). We could say that we produce the best work, at the best price, in the shortest amount of time, and that our customers are always satisfied. Yes, we could, but we prefer that our customers speak for us.

Keith Bailey is Vice President of Bailey Farms International (Ephraim, Utah) and a professional snowmobile racer.

Nathan Benson and family, Fairview, Utah

April 17, 2018. Wanted to give a special thanks to Weston at Peak RV Service. He was very knowledgeable and took care of my trailer in a snap. He didn't overcharge me and even gave me a few pointers that I can use going forward. I will definitely be back next time I have a problem!

Thanks again, Nate

Nathan Benson and Family
Kel Forbush and Family

Kel Forbush and family, Spring City, Utah

March 27, 2018. My family of four have been living in our trailer this winter and had been enjoying the experience until the furnace failed to run. Thankfully the weather at the time was warm enough that the trailer could be kept comfortable with small electric heaters. However, cold weather was coming in just a few days. Weston [from Peak RV Service] came and removed the furnace, took it to his beautiful new shop and diagnosed the problem very quickly. With a new control board installed, I unsuccessfully attempted to reinstall the furnace myself. After another quick call, Weston came out again and quickly corrected my wiring errors and had the furnace working just as the next winter storm blew in. We have been warm and comfortable ever since. Weston is prompt and efficient and we will continue to rely upon him for all future RV needs.

Brad Gardner

Brad Gardner and family, Mt. Pleasant, Utah

March 23, 2018. If you’ve got an RV that needs a little work to get you back on the road this spring, you need to visit Peak RV Service—no need to travel up north anymore. Weston Wheeler took my trailer in, outlined what he could do to get me back on the road, and told me what my cost for the repairs would be. Weston kept me informed of the repairs and timeline of when they would be complete. It’s nice to have certified technicians local to get our outfits fixed and on the road again. If you want to be treated like a neighbor stop in and see what the crew at Peak RV Service can do for you.

Thanks Weston for your help, Brad

Peak RV Service

Peak RV Service 15400 North Hwy 89 • Spring City, UT 84647 • 435-462-7325

The shop is 2.9 miles south of Terrel's Market (Mt. Pleasant, Utah), on the east side of the highway.


Satisfied Customers

Keith Bailey is Vice President of Bailey Farms International and a professional snowmobile racer.

Mike Wheeler RV Certification

Weston Wheeler RV Certification

CNC Programmer

Mike writes the instructions that control the movement of a CNC machine, which cuts out the type of furniture used in RV trailers. He also creates original designs, which he produces using computer-aided design (CAD) software.

Peak RV Service

David Pruett

Brad Gardner

South Sanpete Valley

Kel Forbush and Family

Nathan Benson and Family

Technician Certification Program

From the website:

"The RVDA-RVIA RV Service Technician Certification Program is designed to assist the RV industry and the public in identifying those professionals who have demonstrated the knowledge and ability to satisfy established standards in RV diagnostic and repair procedures. Technicians must complete two comprehensive tests in the certification process." For more information, visit (official website).